About our Partners

IoT is rapidly developing worldwide. New, intelligently integrated concepts are really making a difference in many verticals. To be successful you need to stand out and be different. The IoT connectivity services of today are more than just a sim card, way more. Due to our extensive experience in the field of IoT, Sim Services has developed a partner program. Exclusively for the ones who want to stand out.

Sim cards

We provide our sim cards in different quality grades; business, industrial or chip sim (MFF2-VQFN8). Our sim cards are made in a 3-in-1 format (2FF-mini, 3FF-micro, 4FF-nano), which means that they will fit in any device as the size of the sim can be adjusted before installation. Our sim cards can be used worldwide, multi-provider and multi-network based on your preference. Adjustable rate plan solutions are available for you which will lead to maximum flexibility in shaping rate plans to fit the needs of your customers. And we don't work with lead times, ordered today means shipped today.

Core infrastructure

Full geo-redundant virtual core infrastructure including RADIUS setup for private fixed IP-addresses on all of your sim cards, private APN, different VPN solutions, monitoring of network components, and quick setup.

Management and analytics

To be in control, a fully functional management platform is essential. You are able to manage your customers’ sim cards or provide them with a sub-account. Monitor usages, set triggers on unusual device/usage behaviour, access live status insights, change the sim card status directly, and many more features are part of our management tool. You will be able to find out which rate plan will be a perfect fit on your customer propositions based on the available historical data usage. There's also a possibility to connect the platform to another online environment using API's.

24/7 support

Our support desk is manned only with highly experienced support engineers. Standing by in case you need advice, assistance or any other kind of support. On your preference we offer this service white labelled.

Billing management

If you are selling flexible rate plans, your customers are happy, but there will be a certain pressure on your administrative systems. We offer you a platform which allows you to easily set up a complex billing system or you could choose a fully outsourced billing solution. Flexibility for your customers without any billing issues.

eSIM (eUICC) solutions

Embedded Sim or embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card stands for a relatively new technology which makes it possible to switch provider over the air. No vendor lock-ins anymore. And we will help you in managing the interoperable profiles on your sim cards. This solution is compliant with the open standards as set by the GSMA eSIM specification and eSIM Remote Provisioning Architecture.


Due to our international growing strategy we are open for fresh partnerships right now i.e. M2M/IoT connectivity resellers, system integrators, corporates and OEM manufacturers. Are you asking yourself how to deploy a sustainable, flexible and secure connectivity service? And how to differentiate on your product-service proposition by using our connectivity? Why not discover your opportunities today?