What is IoT?

Our modern lives are increasingly influenced and supported by technology. Clothing, home appliances, vehicles; a wide variety of elements in our daily lives contain some type of 'smart' technology. These applications help us in various ways, by timely informing us, allowing us to configure or change settings from a distance, and more. The combination of all these smart solutions forms the Internet of Things (IoT).

You might be familiar with the term Machine-To-Machine (M2M). The abbreviations M2M and IoT are often used interchangeably, though M2M applications are mainly focused on communication between devices, and IoT applications are focused on communication between devices and their end users. Some examples of M2M and IoT applications are smart fridges, medical emergency buttons, water level gauges, track and trace systems, mobile pin terminals and alarm panels.

Nowadays, billions of devices are already connected with each other through the internet. Every day, countless daily connections are made. Properly securing these devices and all related data traffic is of crucial importance. Is your application protected against outside influences? How do you decide between the countless options for setting up and expanding your IoT communications? And who will give you efficient support during potential technical issues? For all these questions there is one definite answer; Sim Services.

When you make use of the sim cards and additional services of Sim Services, you are guaranteed a high level of quality and proactive support. You will be given insight into the usage and the behavior of your device, will have short lines of communication with our customer-oriented sales and support teams, and will have a surprising amount of flexibility when it comes to the types of solutions for your connectivity needs.

Here you will find more information on the various products we offer, the qualities that set us apart, and client application cases that shine a light on their collaboration with Sim Services. You can always reach out to us for a customised offer and we are on standby to answer whatever further questions you might have.

Sim Services - IoT made easy!

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