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Sim Services has a 100% focus on M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. We can assist your activities in multiple ways. We make sure this assistance is not impersonal but constructive, professional and proactive.

Service and support

Thanks to our short lines of communication and fast reaction times, we can support you quickly in case you're experiencing a disruption. Therefore we offer 24/7 availability. With Sim Services you get immediate attention and do not get put on hold until an employee can assist you.

Managementplatform options

If you are a Sim Services client, you get access to the Jasper Control Center management platform. Here you'll find all relevant sim card information in one place.


Sim Services can give advice regarding the different options when it comes to data transfer of M2M and IoT applications. Besides helping you save a lot of time, our expertise can also reduce your expenses. Besides that, we can assist during new projects by outsourcing to the right contacts that are able to fulfill specific project needs in the right way. We are able to do this because we possess an extensive network of specialised partners.


If needed, Sim Services can help protect your data traffic so it does not end up where you do not want it to, or make sure your M2M devices can't be manipulated from a distance. Through our VPN network or a direct connection the data will be delivered securely and your M2M hardware won't be accessible from outside. Having your own APN is also one of the possibilities.