Alarm Receiving Centre

EuroPAC Alarm Receiving Center is a private alarm service, verified by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice and certified by KIWA. EuroPAC makes use of the most advanced technologies to match an alarm or other type of notification to a specific pattern of action. For the secure transfer of data traffic, EuroPAC makes use of M2M solutions from Sim Services based on their (multi-network) sim cards and a secured fixed fiberglass line.

"Sim Services has allowed us to take the security of mobile video to the next level."

Secured transmission of data traffic
Sim Services uses its M2M technology to connect cameras, alarm systems and other monitored company property to the Alarm Receiving Center EuroPAC, using (mobile) networks. Having a secured, closed alarm transmission (BAV) take place between the Receiving Center and the wireless equipment is of very high importance to EuroPAC. "We have to comply with the norm EN 50131/EN 50136, which means that for us, it is important that the connection we make with Sim Services is secure and stable. If the security is inadequate this can lead to problems, like third parties that can discover the protocol and IP address to overtake the device from a distance or tap into the data traffic. Using secured M2M sim cards and routing through a fixed line, there are more possibilities to create obstacles that prevent abuse of sim cards or data traffic", says Will Spoor, general director of EuroPAC.

Management and support of multi-network sim cards
EuroPAC makes use of multi-network sim cards from Sim Services. The devices that are equipped with this sim card can access multiple available networks in the specific region they are used, worldwide. The device making use of the sim card can freely switch between the available networks based on the signal strength or available type of data connection. It is of great importance that this happens without network steering and that the sim can connect to any network without any preference. Using the Jasper Control Center, the management platform used by Sim Services, EuroPAC can request real-time information on sim card statuses and current data usages of the cards. "It is important for us to have insight when it comes to sim card usage, but it is even more critical to be able to prevent abuse. Because of this, Sim Services has made use of an IMEI lock to ensure that a sim card can only be used in the device we assign it to, which helps prevent sim card abuse."

Video security by way of fiberglass
When security of data traffic has to comply with the highest possible standards, routing through a fixed line is the best choice. For securing and monitoring video images, EuroPAC makes use of a fixed line that avoids the internet altogether and therefore cannot be manipulated by outside forces. This is even safer than a regular internet VPN connection. "Sim Services has allowed us to take the security of mobile video to the next level. Viewing camera images takes up a lot of bandwidth. Because of this, a dedicated fiberglass connection between us was created, in order to allow multiple live camera feeds to be viewed at the same time over a 4G mobile- and fiberglass-network. These developments help us prepare for the future. A good example of this is remote control, which lets us respond even better to the need for Video as a Service (VaaS) and allows us to take over various control-related tasks in specific markets. "

"Sim Services is also a trustworthy partner for us when it comes to Tracking and Tracing. Europac, together with representatives from 36 European countries, has started an alliance called ETSA 24 (EuroTraffic Security Alliance). This is a cooperative partnership of Alarm Receiving Centres aimed at security services that reach across borders. This partnership has been initiated because we work for clients that are active in the transport and logistics market segments. The multi-network sim cards from Sim Services are used in trucks to, for example, monitor the routes travelled or send a signal in case of emergencies. We trust Sim Services to fulfill this role to the best of their abilities. And the advantage for the alliance isn't limited to the benefits gained from the larger scale we're working on, but above all, a safe and trustworthy transmission between receivers and all connected wireless equipment worldwide."