Care Systems

Thanks to the shift away from intramural care towards more extramural care, it becomes possible for the elderly, the chronically ill and those who have need of it to remain living at home in a self-sufficient way and helping them keep control. The realisation of excellent care that is independent of time and place becomes a critical factor in making this a possibility. Of great importance is being able to trust in smart solutions that ensure the optimal type of care and can also be monitored by professionals 24/7, so that human assistance can be called in, if necessary.

"We chose Sim Services because of their strong reputation, focused and straightforward contact, and flexible solution."

FocusCura develops smart innovations that are aimed at improving care. Care-innovations that help vulnerable people to live self-sufficiently and happily for as long as possible. Together with care-related organisations they aim to have these innovations be used by as many people as possible.

Care alarm signaling
One of these care-innovations is cAlarm Home. In case of an emergency, users have to be able to send a warning to their caregiver or alarm center with a single press of a button. This way, when necessary, the right person will be able to visit the user a soon as possible. A stable mobile data connection is of great importance in this care-innovation.

The APN and infrastructure of Sim Services allow all alarm notifications to be delivered to FocusCura in a secured, fast and stable way. The Sim Services connectivity forms an essential part of the total solution FocusCura offers her end users.

Together with FocusCura, Sim Services has investigated the best way to integrate the data connectivity with the care solution. Rene Strijbosch, Manager Product Management: "We chose Sim Services because we others told us of their reputation, their focused and straightforward types of (commercial) contact and flexibility in their solution that now allows for an excellent communication provisioning on nearly every location."