Water management is closely associated with the Netherlands. Being aware of the surface water level and ground water level at all times is of great importance. Acquiring information about the status of ground water is even crucial in some sectors, like the agrarian sector and construction. For the agrarian sector, ground water levels influence the growth of crops, and for construction this information is relevant to decide if building plans can even be implemented. This is where VRM LevelLog makes a difference!

“Thanks to the services of Sim Services we are now able to send the measuring data to our dataservers from thousands of LevelLoggers using telemetry. No longer do we have to read the LevelLog data on location using a cable!”

Ground water monitoring with the LevelLog
VRM has developed an innovative datalogger with the LevelLog, which allows taking ground water level measurements using advanced sonar technology. Previously, measuring these ground water levels from a distance was not possible. This is now a thing of the past thanks to the LevelLog, which gives VRM the possibility to deliver real-time data from a distance. This has the major advantage that fluctuations can be detected instantly and trends over time can be made visible. This ensures very dependable ground water measurements.

IoT Connectivity
A stable connection is a necessity in the datalogger. The connectivity allows the data transfer from the LevelLog to a server. Thanks to the multi-network functionality in the sim card from Sim Services, VRM can offer the highest possible mobile coverage guarantee. The LevelLog automatically searches for the strongest network signal and connects to that. This allows dataloggers to be put to use anywhere. In cities with strong coverage, but also in nature areas where not every provider is able to provide optimal coverage. In such cases it’s ideal that connections can be made using multiple providers in a country. This way the continuity in data traffic is guaranteed. This means that VRM LevelLog can provide a solution that is future proof on both a technical and connectivity level!

Total solution
VRM LevelLog offers a trustworthy solution to her clients. Connectivity is an important aspect in the proposition of VRM LevelLog. The cooperation with a specialized partner like Sim Services then becomes essential. Sim Services not only offers direct support, but also offers the Jasper Control Center that lets VRM LevelLog monitor usage and behavior of the dataloggers, among other things. This allows for quick responses when deviations are detected, and effective analyses in case of disruptions. Combined with trustworthy technology and connectivity, VRM LevelLog truly offers a total solution to its clients.

VRM LevelLog, connected by Sim Services!