As an installer in the field of security, Niefra Beveiligingen has been a well-known player for more than 30 years. They have been fully focused on providing total solution packages for their clients. Niefra possesses specialist knowledge in the fields of for example alarm panels, CCTV-systems, intercom systems, access control installations and even drone detectors. An important part of this total solution is providing trustworthy connectivity.

"Offering a total solution lifts the quality of our service to its highest possible level."

Advice and connectivity
There are a lot of burglary systems available that are created in such a way that technological developments can quickly change and improve the way they function and can be controlled. Using the latest regulations and developments in the security market, the providers of Niefra can advise their clients in the best possible way and offer the most suitable solution based on their needs. “Offering a total solution lifts the quality of our service to its highest possible level. To ensure the quality level, it is very important to be able to have access to the sim cards in our systems using a user-friendly portal that allows us to monitor usage and connectivity,” says Maarten-Martijn van Poelgeest, Technical Director of Niefra Beveiligingen.

Strengthening the proposition
A burglary control panel should always be able to send alarm notifications. This is why a trustworthy connectivity solution is of high importance. With this in mind, Niefra has chosen a solution that includes mutlinetwork-functionality that allows for the highest possible coverage guarantee and stability of the network connection. By using the solutions that are provided by Sim Services, the connectivity becomes another strong point in the proposition that Niefra Beveiligingen offers.

Nowadays, security is not only limited to the visible measures that are used in residences and buildings like alarm panels, camerasystems or large fences. More and more, security systems are becoming targets for internet-criminals. The results of their meddling is long-term disruptions of security systems, or manipulating and even completely controlling specific devices. The security systems of Niefra make use of the private IP addresses on the Sim Services sim cards, which means that only authorised users with a specifically configured VPN connection can access the system directly. A sense of security for Niefra, and a sense of security for Niefra’s clients.

Niefra Beveiligingen, connected by Sim Services!