Measuring Equipment

Ebatech is a company specialized in measurings and is certified by TenneT. In their role as an allround measuring company, Ebatech measures the energy use of electricity-, gas- and heating-metres for companies and facilities throughout the Netherlands. To be able to do this fast and in a trustworthy way, Ebatech makes use of the M2M solutions provided by Sim Services.

"Thanks to the assistance of Sim Services, we have been able to realize a cost reduction of 50%."

Trustworthiness and security are essential
To be able to provide high-quality services, Ebatech is dependent on the correct partner in the field of M2M connectivity. They found the best possible match in Sim Services. For Ebatech, being able to collect M2M data safely and consistently has a high priority. Sim Services does not only provide the M2M sim cards, but also assigns fixed IP addresses and a secured VPN connection. This ensures that the confidential measuring data from clients is sent to their server over a secured network.

Efficient managing of sim cards also gives a lot of insight. Through the Jasper Control Centre, the management platform used by Sim Services, Ebatech can see the exact status of the sim cards at any time: which ones are active, in which country they have which kind of usage, and the device behavior on a network level. Sim Services is able to look into the network status, analyze a possible causes and solutions in case of a disruption or when measured data is not delivered correctly. This way, Ebatech can see which device with which sim card is affected, what type of issue is taking place and therefore can take measures immediately. As such, Ebatech is able to meet the high demands from their clients about the actuality of the measured data from their installations. "We are made aware proactively of any (upcoming) issues through the support department of Sim Services, so we can anticipate these situations. What I find excellent is that we can expect a reply within an hour in cases of issues. Some parties send a standardized email mentioning we can receive a reply within up to 10 days", says Mark Massier.

Cost reduction and custom made solutions
Sim Services has made it possible for Ebatech to work using fixed IP addresses. Mark notes "Previously, we had to place a call using GSM to get readings off of our meters. Now that we are using fixed IP addresses, this process has become much more cost-effective. Thanks to the assistance of Sim Services, we have been able to realize a cost reduction of 50%. Our end clients also profit from this cost reduction. And this gives an impressive advantage, especially for the Ebatech relations for whom detailed M2M data is very important."

Ebatech has clients who require specialized M2M solutions. They need ways around network disruptions or frequent loss of contact with devices. Sim Services is the right partner to find creative solutions for such issues. "Sim Services really understands dataconnectivity, they truly are specialists. They are well aware of the developments in the field of M2M communication and the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing them to provide custom made solutions".