As a startup, a huge chunk of your time is spent arranging or setting up processes. Many choices have to be made, some of which concerning the partners for cooperation. Flexibility is key, because in this phase there are still few certainties. We believe that success is often a choice. So when it comes to M2M connectivity within the IoT landscape, you do not have to search any further. You can depend on the expertise and flexibility of Sim Services. If your proposition changes, we will adapt to suit yours. You're starting low-key and will potentially expand to a leading presence in your market segment with a state-of-the-art proposition. During all phases of this process, Sim Services offers you the most fitting solution. Scalable and affordable.

Connectivity often plays a crucial role within new propositions, and yours will be as strong as the weakest link. That's why considering security and dependability of your connectivity solution is of high importance. Insight and management tools offer a frame of reference and usable information to keep developing your proposition with minimal delays.

"For ParkBee as a startup, Sim Services provided full flexibility and hands-on support."

ParkBee, an inventive app-driven parking solution, allows its users to control the traffic barriers in company parking garages and facilities that under regular circumstances can't be used. Jian Jiang, ParkBee's CTO: "For ParkBee as a startup, Sim Services provided full flexibility and hands-on support. Sim Services is professional and thinking in solutions along with ParkBee and the customer service is proactive and has sufficient knowledge about the technical part."