You can spot them all the time on the highways of Europe; the trucks and transport vehicles of Jan de Rijk Logistics. Jan de Rijk Logistics has been among the top of the European logistic service providers for years now. Using a fleet of more than 1000 vehicles, transport assignments are carried out throughout all of Europe.

"It’s of huge importance that we work together with an organization that’s both flexible and thinks along with us."

Connected Transport
As a leading player in the market, Jan de Rijk Logistics is focused on being up to date when it comes to new developments. All vehicles are equipped in such a way that they confirm to the highest security- and quality standards. This does not only relate to the trucks and trailers, but also the data-connectivity.

The statuses of trucks, trailers and cargo can be monitored from a distance in real-time. In combination with the intelligent devices on board of the vehicles, this allows people to complete transport assignments on the highest levels. This means: TAPA-certified, high-secured transport and extensive track & trace possibilities.

Being in Control
For Jan de Rijk Logistics, no connection means no information, and that means no service.

“In the logistically dynamic environment that we work in, it’s of huge importance that we work together with an organization that’s both flexible and thinks along with us. This is one of the reasons why we chose Sim Services”, according to Heino Kempers (Manager ICT Jan de Rijk Logistics).

Dataconnectivity and the tools to manage this are both of crucial importance. By making use of the Jasper Control Center they gain access to information regarding usage and behavior of their sim cards. Besides Jasper, Jan de Rijk makes use of sim cards that can roam on all available networks throughout Europe. This allows for the highest possible coverage guarantee, ensuring the data from their vehicles can be made available at all times. And if there are any challenging circumstances that prevent this, then they can make use of the short lines of communication to the Sim Services specialists!

The next time you see a vehicle from Jan de Rijk Logistics on the road, keep in mind: not only has the transport of goods been set up with high-end solutions, the same goes for the transport of data.

Jan de Rijk Logistics, connected by Sim Services!