Data traffic between wireless devices and backend systems has to be properly secured. A large part of wireless 2G/3G/4G data traffic is routed through the public internet, without use of pin codes or shielded IP addresses. If not enough care is taken regarding securing data traffic, this could lead to issues like third parties being able to access the device's IP address and protocol, tap into data traffic, take over control of the device or even block it from being used.

Luckily, this can be easily prevented by using the Sim Services SecureSim. The SecureSim is an M2M / Internet of Things (IoT) sim card that is configured specifically for optimal security.

This exclusive Sim Services sim card offers extensive security features, such as an IMEI lock that prevents your sim card from functioning when placed in a different device, or a VPN/IP-Sec tunnel that ensures you are the only person able to directly access the device containing our fixed IP sim card.

Using the SecureSim will ensure that your solution will truly be secure!

The SecureSim can be configured with a variety of rate plans, adjusted to suit the specific needs of both you and your clients. Are you interested in more information or a pricing offer? Please let us know through our contact form.