Sim Services has developed a unique multi-network prepaid M2M sim card: the SmartSim. This KPN or Tele2 sim card works based on credits, can make use of a large amount of provider networks in Europe at low rates, and allows usage without any subscription. The SmartSim supports 2G/3G/4G data, SMS and voice. This prepaid solution specifically offers resellers a lot of options, while invoicing and technical support are taken care of by Sim Services itself.

To start using a SmartSim in a device, the sim card owner first creates an account on the Sim Services site. After logging into our site, the user gains access to their own SmartSim page where they can activate and manage these sim cards. It is also possible to purchase more credits from this page.

More information on the usage, activating, credit updating and managing of your SmartSims can be found in the overview below. For more information about any aspect of the SmartSim, please contact us through our contact form.