Sim Services aids you in preventing problems related to your sim cards and strives to ensure you won't get any unexpected surprises or unplanned costs. When using our managed sim cards, you also gain access to the Jasper Control Center, the most extensive online management platform in the market, helping you stay in control of your M2M or IoT applications. You will be kept up to date in cases of unusual data traffic volumes, can see the status of your sim card(s) during a possible disruption and will always have access to overviews showing the total usage of your systems over a specific timeframe.

The Jasper platform offers a wide variety of options related to all your Sim Services sim cards. Every sim card shows its total usage during the current calendar month, if the card is (de)activated, when it has become activated, and several customisable fields where you can place your own references. Diagnostic tools give information on the card's current network status and the Spotlight function shows the sim card's entire usage history. Sim Services can place triggers that keep you up to date during specified sim card behavior. You can also download usage overviews for your own administration.

If you are interested in trying out our sim cards in combination with the Jasper management portal, you can request a free test sim through our contact form.