Custom Made

In the field of M2M or Internet of Things (IoT) applications no customer question is ever the same. That's why our solutions are always customised, and we always look just a bit further to find the solution that's best suited to your needs. Based on your wishes we calculate which provider offers the most advantageous options. This way, you can choose the solution that fits you best. Both technically and financially.

Such a solution could be a combination of GPRS, SMS, Voice or CSD. Or multi-network functionality. Sometimes either a bundle-solution, Pay As You Go or a Prepaid option suits best. Will the application be used nationally or internationally? Does the data traffic routing have to be secured or not? Of course, we also offer customised work when it comes to data security. There are different levels on which this can be done; wirelessly, wired or on the physical sim card level.

As an independent specialist in the field of M2M and IoT connectivity, we check all the factors that have an effect on it. Because the configuration of your connectivity is dependent on multiple factors, we always customise the relevant settings ourselves. This way we ensure optimal results in your specific situation.

If you are interested in more information about how we can offer customised solutions for you, you can contact us through our contact form.